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Acupuncture Bob

Acupuncture Bob

My dear friend, Bob Sirianni, is a talented acupuncturist. We have had many conversations over the years about social paralysis, dating, New York City subway platform pickups, and smiling at strangers. Bob will probably make several appearances here at The Shy Traveler, so he deserves a brief drum roll and introduction. You can learn more about Bob’s services at: RootBranchAcupuncture.com.

I will thus refer to Bob as Acupunctue Bob.


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Peter and the Wolf at Emo's

Red Hunter, otherwise known as the shrouded-in-mystery musical sensation, Peter and the Wolf, recently spoke with The Shy Traveler over the World Wide Web about his music, his travels, owls and fake mustaches.

Allow me to offer you a beverage; what’ll it be?

This UK tour that just ended—we concluded that scotch is the coolest, better than beer, so that’s the official drink of PatW this season. Big on Glenmorangie these days.

I’d like to interview the Wolf. Is this Red Hunter? He will also do.

He does.

Are you, or have you considered yourself at any point in life to be, shy?

Totally. Especially when I first moved to Austin back in ’04. Used to go out and perform in different disguises so that nobody would recognize me later if I sucked, which I’m sure I did. Wore wigs, fake mustaches, all kinds of antics. Took a long time to get comfortable going out with people, still kinda weird, easier to keep to self and write.

Was there a specific owl that inspired the ubiquitous Peter and the Wolf Owl? In other words, what’s up with the owl?

Dan Eldon said “The owl, my hero” and other mysterious truths.

How do you feel about music videos, and are there any more planned for PATW?

Still haven’t really made one on purpose, guess there’s some stuff out there friends put together. Hope to make a nice one on the west coast this winter. Vids are awesome, they let you veg out, which is sweet.

I’d imagine you have quite a loyal following. Is it possible to describe the “typical” Peter and the Wolf fan?

Sexy bodies, weird visions.

Other than present day, in which time period would you feel most at home?

Paleolithic era, for sure. Fighting bears and stuff.

“The Ivy Remix” really came out of nowhere it seems. And yet I love it. Who done it and how’d it come about?

This dude Remy did it, I’ve never actually met him but we’re mutual friends of this rad dude, Wiley, in Annapolis. Check out Remy’s stuff, it’s rad.

What is your second favorite place on the globe? Second to what?

Bali, second only to Savu Savu in Fiji because I haven’t been to Bali actually, but they make the best music on earth hidden away in the royal palaces.

Could you tell fans something about the process of making “Mellow Owl” that might interest us to know?

Hmm, made it hanging out by myself in a Vermont cabin, and there were no drugs involved… only salads and stuff. Ate blueberries right off this little tree…health is dope.


And speaking of dope, below you can listen to Peter and the Wolf’s lovely, “Safe Travels” while gazing at an Alpine peak (Although, with magical shows on ships and buses and cemeteries, I’m sure we’d all rather catch it live):

Peter and the Wolf recently concluded a British tour and is now embarking on another word-of-mouth U.S. tour. To catch a show, a listen, or to buy some tunes (I also highly recommend the handmade buttons), check out PATW’s Myspace or website.

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