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eddie_izzard_shyEddie Izzard…shy? In an interview by Richard Jinman for the Sydney Morning Herald, Izzard copped to as much:

I didn’t like being shy, so I worked out social skills to cope,” he says. “Comedy was my weapon. I’d say ‘the transvestite’s here, the beers are on me!'” He pauses. “That would be a good television commercial, wouldn’t it?

Shy Traveler says: A-hem, absolutely it would. In fact, it has the potential to be the kind of commercial that might make Superbowl commercials good again.
Izzard’s live comedy career has played mistress to a serious film and television career of late, with a standout role in the Fox series, “The Riches”, and even a co-starring role in a Tom Cruise holiday release, “Valkyrie”. The Shy Traveler gives Eddie kudos for bravely wading into the Chronicles of Narnia franchise as the voice of Reepicheep. Despite an eerily lascivious Mr. Tumnus and a less-than-stellar score, the first film in the series, “The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe” kept me entertained. Sometimes it is just enough to see a well-loved book series up on the big screen.

But…Eddie Izzard, hysterical transvestite, “the lost Python”, shy? Eh, file it under the category, “You learn something new every day”.

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Other than wanting for a very long time to write a post titled “What? Yeah. What?!? YEAH”… I guess you could say “it’s official”; one of The Shy Traveler’s very favorite musical acts, Peter and the Wolf, has (at least until further notice) re-dubbed itself Peter Mellow and the Wolfowl. [A breath]. I attended a recent PMATWO show at Union Hall in Brooklyn and shouted out for a confirmation. (I haven’t got a very high tolerance for alcohol.) A-hem. It was confirmed. It could be that Red Hunter* was paid off by London mobsters on behalf of the Brit band of the same former name. More than likely, though, Red is switching things up with this new album, not unlike a Madonna or a Prince, but better…better. Do we forgive you, Red? Of course we do. My band tee is still good, but I guess I have some explaining to do with my Peter and the Wolf pins. So be it.

*My musical taste began developing in the early nineties, and as a result, I’m a raging Eddie Vedder fan. That said, I think that no one would have done a better job scoring Sean Penn’s recent film, Into the Wild than Red Hunter. Into the Wild was one of my favorite 90’s reads and I felt Penn did a decent job of capturing the life of Christopher McCandless onscreen. Anyone truly interested in this incredible story should really give the book a read before seeing the movie. Anyway, if I had my druthers, it would have been the music of Peter Mellow and the Wolfowl sinked up with Penn’s footage. If only I had my druthers…into_the_wild

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