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“Some Days are Better Than Others” is one of the better films I’ve seen in a good long while. First there was the “hmm!” discovery that the film stars James Mercer of The Shins (he and everyone else in the film is fantastic). Then there was the fact that it snuck down from Portland, Oregon in all its unassuming splendor. We caught it at MoMA’s New Directors/New Films series.

It’s the beautiful girl with no makeup on: refreshing and authentic – especially in contrast to the well-lacquered lounge floozies of Hollywood. (Harsh? But you get the idea…) Matt McCormick lets nothing escape his lens. With stark inserts of wrecking balls crumpling Portland houses, and bottle green expanses of Pacific shoreline – even a character opening a refrigerator door – everything has that calm clarity of a morning spent alone. And the movie doesn’t just shrug in a mumblecore kind of way. It confronts you with issues of educated poverty, foreclosures, forgotten objects, lost souls, and the yearning to matter to someone…or in the case of one character, matter to everyone. It spoke to me. What did it say? I’m not going to tell you.  Give your ten, eleven dollars to Matt McCormick who made an ultra low budget movie look like oro verde. I sincerely hope you get the chance.


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